British History 2:
From the French Revolution to World War II
Topic: "Majesties and Royal Highnesses"

by Laura Cenicola & Mareike Aumann

Glossary: The Great Exhibition

The Great Exhibition of 1851 was held at Hyde Park in London. The building housing it was the Crystal Palace, which was a special construction as well as the most important and impressive exhibit, designed by Joseph Paxton. It was a huge iron goliath with over a million feet of glass. Over 13,000 exhibits were displayed at Crystal Palace, viewed by over 6,200,000 visitors coming from all social classes.The exhibition was meant to symbolize the industrial, military and economic superiority of Great Britain. It was presenting many technological achievements poineered by the British Empire and its many colonies.The exhibition was a great triumph for Victoria's husband prince Albert. He was very engaged in organizing the event and managed to step out of the huge shadow his wife was throwing. He finally became popular with the British people.

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