British History 2:
From the French Revolution to World War II
Topic: "Majesties and Royal Highnesses"

by Laura Cenicola & Mareike Aumann

Glossary: Treaty of Amiens

The Treaty of Amiens temporarily ended the hostilities between France and the United Kingdom during the French Revolutionary Wars. It was signed on March 25, 1802 by Joseph Bonaparte and the Marquess Cornwallis as a "Definitive Treaty of Peace". The consequent peace lasted only one year, and was the only period of peace during the so-called 'Great French War' between 1793 and 1815. Under the treaty, the United Kingdom recognized the French Republic.



Caricature on the Treaty:


"The first Kiss this Ten Years!" - or the meeting of Britannia & Citizen François:

SUMMARY: A tall, thin, French officer kissing a fat, richly dressed, seated Britannia. His hat and sword lay on the carpet. Britannia's shield and trident rest on the wall behind her chair. Above them are portraits of George III and Napoleon, facing each other.

The officer is saying, "Madame, permittez me to pay my profound esteem to your engaging person!- & to seal on your divine Lips my everlasting attachment!!!"

Britannia is saying, "Monsieur, you are truly a well-bred Gentleman!- &, tho' you make me blush, yet, you Kiss so delicately, that I cannot refuse you, tho' I was sure you would Deceive me again!!!"




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