British History 2:
From the French Revolution to World War II
Topic: "Majesties and Royal Highnesses"

by Laura Cenicola & Mareike Aumann

6.2) Quiz

  1. Victoria was only fifth in line to succeed to the throne. How come she became queen at all?
  2. What was the Regency Act of 1830 for?
  3. Concerning the extract of Victoria's diary (the download file): The extract deals with Victoria writing about the day when she got to know that she was queen (she was 18 at that time) and about her coronation one year later.
    Please read the extract and decide on whether you think that Victoria must have felt old enough for ruling over one quarter of the world's population or whether she still seemed to be more childlike in her style of writing her diary entries. Try to find quotes!
  4. Victoria became queen when she was 18. She was politically quite inexperienced. Who helped her with political decisions?
  5. Can we be sure about the fact that queen Victoria and John Brown have been lovers? Which proofs exist?
  6. How long did Victoria reign and who was her successor?
  7. Why was queen Victoria called "grandmother of Europe"?