British History 2:
From the French Revolution to World War II
Topic: "Majesties and Royal Highnesses"

by Laura Cenicola & Mareike Aumann


This is the webpage of Laura Cenicola and Mareike Aumann for the "British History 2" seminar (summer term 2008) of the University of Bielefeld. The course number is 230566.

Our overall topic is called "Majesties and Royal Highnesses". Facts about the kings and queens in British history from 1701-today will be explained on this webpage. This is done in schoolbook format as if this page would be a teaching unit for some interested students - as an alternative to the normal textbook format.

The seven greater subtopics we chose to have a closer look on can be found on the left side bar. Each of the six topics has a quiz and the answers to it so that we can make sure that the users of this page grasped the most important aspects of the topic presented here.

The main emphasis was put on ...




 ... the Victorian Era ...













... Queen Victoria...










...and the Abdication Crisis of Edward VIII.








Now lean back and have fun,

Laura Cenicola &

Mareike Aumann